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15 Aralık 2012 Cumartesi

Second way to change the favicon [faster]

Another way to put the Favicon

Hi! Well this post is to tell you another way to put the favicon in the blog, but in a post and told them as I found it easier and not because that takes place in that order but good xD this is better ..

If you do not know or want to know who is the other way to put it click HERE as, well the other way is rather for those who do not understand the codes and all that it takes only one porquito.
 This way is with code but the image is a little icon of the previous and the favicon image had to be of a predetermined size that I gave.

Ok well first go to ..

Design-Template-Editing HTML

Press CTRL + F, you will get a search bar and shopped the following code ..
 Now place the link to the favicon you want to put down that code you searched ..

Da Preview Save if all is well;)

I leave some looking ...